Meet Lisa Stevenson : Team Leader for Personal Insurance Services

Picture of Lisa StevensonLisa Stevenson leads our personal insurance service team, which exists to help all of our current customers with any needs related to the personal insurance policies that they have purchased through us.  Her mission is to make every customer contact a great experience.

2024 marks Lisa’s 12th year at Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency, a time where Lisa has been the embodiment of professional growth and dedication to customer service. She has navigated through various roles, starting on our reception and data processing team in 2012. She later joined our team of personal lines pricing specialists who assist our agents in designing and pricing insurance proposals for our clients. Wanting to more directly interact with our clients, she pursued her insurance license and advanced to the role of personal insurance sales agent at which she excelled for years.

Rocking the Rivers with co-workers

We sometimes regret asking Lisa to temporarily pick up a dual role of both sales agent and customer service specialist in our Port Huron, Michigan office because Lisa was so good as an agent. But in customer service she found a niche that she truly loved, helping our wonderful clients with their ongoing service needs. She accepted the role of Team Leader for Personal Insurance Services in early 2021, a position she passionately embraces, spreading her positive attitude to both her team and our customers alike.

Any favorite places that you’ve lived?

View from the deck of the Port Huron Yacht Club before the fireworks during Boat Week

I was born in Port Huron, Michigan and have lived in this area for much of my life.

My son Moon Chasing under the Blue Water Bridge

Port Huron is very small community.  There are so many local events, and we have AMAZING support.  With Lake Huron and the St Clair River, we get to be a part of fantastic events like Boat Week, the Port Huron to Mackinaw Race, Rocking the Rivers, The Power Boat races on St. Clair River, and so much more. There is ALWAYS something going on in Port Huron.

Group of Al Bourdeau kids when we met up for dinner one night

I never go anywhere without being able to see people I’ve known for years, through work or personally, and that gives you such a strong feeling of being rooted in your community.

At one point I lived near Knoxville, Tennessee. The Smokey Mountains are just the most breathtaking site in the fall.  The hills look like they are set ablaze, and the whole town turns Orange to support the Vols….GO BIG ORANGE (the “Volunteers” or “Vols” is the nickname for the University of Tennessee, after the Volunteer State).
What do you like about your role at Al Bourdeau Insurance?
I am a helper.  I love being able to help our clients.  We work very hard to educate our clients about the importance of making very careful decisions when selecting coverages. Every customer is different: their needs, the kinds of financial risks they are willing the take, their lifestyle, what they own and borrow, the structure of their families, their income, their goals, and so much more. All of these things matter in putting together insurance coverages, and even after this is done, things change. So we talk to a lot of people and it’s always about helping them. While we sell all types of insurance across the country, Michigan Auto Insurance is a source of never-ending craziness.  It makes me feel good to be able to help people better understand this particular type of insurance, not only to get the basic legal requirements taken care of, but to help them better understand how it can bring them back to whole with minimum financial hardship.

I work with a lot of really great people, but even my knowledgeable and experienced team members need help all the time. Every customer is different, and unique situations come up every day. I love working with these people, learning together, solving problems together, sharing experiences, and helping them stay focused on our goal: help our clients protect themselves and create great customer experiences.

While we do help most of our clients over the phone, email, website, and other means, I most love when people walk through the door in our Port Huron office and we know each other by first name.

What experiences prior to joining Al Bourdeau Insurance have helped you?

I’m a MOM and the oldest of my siblings.  I’ve literally been “training” for my current role since my youngest sister was born (a long time ago)!

Professionally my background before insurance was in manufacturing. I started out as a shipping clerk, worked my way up to scheduler, then buyer.  I’ve always had a strong drive to do my best, pushing myself to learn all that I can from those around me.  I really learned how to effectively communicate and develop good working relationships in those roles.

My Dad is also a retired law enforcement officer, growing up in a small town with your Dad being a cop, you learn how to be socially courteous from a very young age.

When not working, what might we find you doing?

Me and the boys

I have two wonderful sons Gary 18 and Padrik 13 along with our Dog Sam and our kitty Maggie. Along with my extended family who can ALL be found cheering on my kids at their many sporting events.

The boys tubing on the St Clair River


I LOVE watching my kids do all their sports and events (they keep me hopping).  We love being out on the water and boating with family!

My favorite place in Port Huron (our back yard ❤)


I love reading.  I love puttering around in my yard.
I love helping out with our schools.  I’ve managed my sons soccer teams, and help out whenever I can at school events.

Robert H. Bourdeau

Without risk, there are no rewards.But when taking risks, it's important to ask "is it worth it?" Most of us are not good at evaluating risk. That's why I love insurance. When you get it, you realize that you have a tool for making choices. We can put ourselves out there, enjoy life and strive for personal and financial growth. When we fail, insurance gives us a way to recover financially, and we learn to be better. I'm a lifelong student with degrees in mathematics and computer science, a licensed insurance producer, and hold professional insurance designations including CPCU, CIC, and CRM.I enjoy distance running, bicycling, craft beers, cool people, and taking risks.